Livery Idioms

“Stick to the story.”

Bit of a high flyer in your time? Knowingly hoodwinked the crown prosecution. Then you ‘it the wall.

covert criminal communication

Gender awareness training.

Does any o’ dat wet your whistle?

Bitch troll from hell. An artful and deceptive person who shamelessly perverted justice. In the sure and certain hope of the resurrection into eternal life.

Docetism: denied the reality of the Incarnation. Christ was not a true man but a kind of human phantom. (heresy Ignatius contests) Cheers, mate, thanks a fukkin Milligan. You’re so fulla shite it’s comin outta yer mouf.

You took it was her area of specialization?

If I must be honest, I’m watching me watching it.

Nice to meet you too

In the hopeless expectation of death, I hereby record my dying declaration. Been workin flat out. On or in said vehicle. We’ll need to inspect the evidence ourselves.

“You two-faced bastard!”

Speaking meanspirit. Some people no shame you have to wonder? Janne Longbær (Mickey mouse)

– You live the life you’ve got, don’t you?

–Put that face away

-Don’t go catching my gloomy mood.

–I don’t know. You think the nicks are gonna make it to the semifinals?

L’affaire russe. Inquiries ongoing.

Europeans can afford to have broader social programs that produce comfortable lives for their citizens.

A trivial thing of momentary importance. April passed into May. Trumpian trumpastic trumposity!

Ambiguous tasks. Truth claim. Distress tolerance (withstand psychological stress)

“Once she knows your weakness, she isn’t afraid to go there.”

Come on baby let’s get outta the cold. Gimme your precious love for me to hold.

Just shift some of that tendentious bollocks off the chair.

146325707 (1)
Taking apostolic leave

Why are you making intimations on him?

She could be a madam. A jackanorry story. (He’s off his tits!) Mura archers in the Amazonian Fastnesses. I must advise you to use gender neutral language. Fisher Price man. Did a roundhouse on him. Body fascism. Mr. Toad. Fancy a cheeky drink at the Rose ‘n’ Crow?

Error or illusion of time, a manifest spirit of the dead.

You’re a trapper. That’s what you do.  You trap people.

Christian doctrine posits the Jew the antagonistic other

Did the Goodyear blimp crash?

Jealousy an ugly emotion only for the meek just heed me

All tickety-boo.

Läßest du diesen los, so bist du des Kaisers Freund?

Haute Coûture. Upset Health & Safety. Don’t ‘av a cow, mate.

Don’t invest in the market. Invest in the future.

She was gonna be my plus one [if I need to wee I’ll be completely naked sitting in a public toilet…] in a pool of people’s piss.

An old friend from me days in armed robbery


Jedenfalls, kurz gesagt, im Abwärtsstrudel, nach unumkehrbarem professionellem Schaden, bin ich hier.

Everyone makes fashion mistakes

Ring the churchbells! Cast broad alarm.

What wondrous life is this I lead!

Ripe apples drop about my head

The luscious clusters of the vine

Upon my mouth do crush their wine

The nectarene and curious peach

Into my hvands themselves do reach.


[Removed to the sphere of celestial reward] you don’t know me mates they’re well shallow


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