Inspector and the Sea

In an onlinThe Grand Manipulator. The lies of a backtracking worm. Gonna have to go away and rethink a few basic principles. Thank you for the gift of love. You’ve gotta stop falling for people when they give the slightest bit of affection. Fiddlers on the roof. I’ll never love again. Maybe you can nip off and get some twiglets. Mail order bride. Covfefe.

Interfering with my operation?

Isaac Abraham and Jacob. Watching the silhouetted spaniel movement with floor level lamp betrays canine movement ease. Your tone betrays oppression. Almost too agreeable for credence. Then he was discovered coordinating with the White House. (and listening to weather report)

They no-one about

Easy catechesis (I just look at the pictures) mystery of the incarnation. Catacombs of Priscilla. They found an anomaly. Found guilty of perverting the course of justice. Just waiting for the right time to emerge – what are ya, a pupa?

Electricity- I have to stay away from it.

Did you know that the bottlecap is more expensive to produce than the bottle? Wild speculation.

You pair of plum puddings!

I have come unable to hear it. [Delirious rising chorus] Alle Kunst ist ein Spiegel! You wanna sharpen up your act?

Where’s that resolve? I’ve got a blinder…

Shadoks v. Gibis

Die Geschichte ist in einer imaginäre altmodische Stadt zeitlos und romantisch gelegen.

a surreptitious train

“He was saying stuff..” This is not an abstruse point in Roman corporate law, Nick, this is real crime, and I do it for a living. Was ist er von Beruf? He was one of our own. Just want some background info. Image enhancement call in. Get up to whatever floor You’re supposed to be on, go!

You are being watched. I got butterflies. We’re looking at the whole picture.

There’s a 50 in it for you. I have become the “Invisible Man.” In an online world rife with cantankerous echo chambers, rueful, circuitous, slanting galleries and cryptobobulating filter bubbles.

Behead me

You’re the one that’s asking all the questions.  Some dodgy minicab firm. See you going to those flats. Catch the pair of you at it. That’s conspiracy to murder!

You’re Stuck Out.


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