Generate or Affective

In one box I have a collection of objects, who share a general but clear characteristic on which I am vague – ineffacable I don’t know the correlation. Humorous self-effacement, to label ‘sound’ or ‘music’ would start and steady mislead. Important: a set of objects, distinct yet family.


There is another set. Though not having aforementioned, I have an additional box – my “other” collection of objects, set aside, let me show you. Thisly is even better mislabeled ‘Colors’ and seeks to agglomerate all things “relational-in-themselves” such as color.

. “You intellectuals. When you go, you really go.”

Primarily Brown color

Colors may be pure, but they may also be blends, chords if you will (must) Or even if you won’t (would must not). These are scalar fields. Time representation v. Frequency map. Two images of the same thing.

Some billion light years off . . .

People their entire lives simply steady repeating identical thinking errors. Hurting one another.

The amount of time lost because of twice pushing a button that should only be pressed once.

Hostile Agency

Rescue ships, search parties within the hour. Well played roll.

Sounds like a riot!

Look, mate, it ain’t gonna work like that, don’t wanna take the wind outta your sails, but it’s not happening!

ThiYou were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!e

This is the one. Have we met before?


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