87920161225_120550:: The Cry of the Forest

hey mister, move over a seat…

Beware of those who teach fables to children -Plato


His staff – so curiously wrought, that it might seem to twist and wriggle like a living serpent, this must have been an ocular  assisted by the uncertain light

. . . But summat fluttered down lightly through the air and caught on the branch of a tree, the young man seized it and beheld a pink ribbon.  My Faith is gone!

There is no good on Earth, and Sin is but a name

The Instinct that drives mortal man to evil

As if all nature was laughing him to scorn

Think not to frighten me with your devil tree

Now giving vent to an expression of Horrid blasphemy.

Thus sped the demoniac

 FForlor his dying hour was gloom

Young Goodman Brown

See the best good collapsed and tantamount well dressed and smart appearing worst evil.

Hope came into his heart.

A negative element can United lacrosse all class boundaries as no consensus can

Powwow = Indian chiefs

I would fain = I would like, like to be, go, have


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